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Who is Comedian Oscar P?

Oscar P has already established himself as a fixture on the comedy circuit. Born Clarksdale, Mississippi, Oscar’s comedy career began in Memphis, TN, where he quickly made a name for himself as a clever universal comedian. His

talent landed him performances at some of the finest comedy clubs, including Funny Bone, Chuckles’ Comedy House, Zanies, Stardome, and the Comedy Catch.


Oscar was one of the finalists in the Miller’s Lite Comedy Talent Search and semifinalist in Funny Bone’s National Comedian Search also 2017 World Series of Comedy top 100, where he showed his true talent.


A self-described "honest straightforward comic", Oscar P took his comedy

farther South, becoming a fixture host and feature act at Funny Bone, Tunica,

Mississippi, Stardome Alabama and Chuckles Comedy House in Memphis, Tn

before taking his act on the road. Within just one short year of his stand-up debut,

he was performing in clubs throughout the US and Jamaica. Oscar P now performs

at clubs across the country.


Oscar’s twisted views on family, marriage, nature and politics combines

with a laid-back, friendly delivery creates a crowd-pleasing performance. His

unique writing style leave crowds in stitches. Audience members have called him

"skillful" and "hysterically funny", while bookers have labeled Oscar "clever".

Talented yet impractical, Oscar P's performance is a hit for crowds of all

backgrounds and tastes. He has hosted shows for the BarKays, Life Jennings, and

Sheila E.

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Oscar P

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